Border Patrol Jobs in Port Clinton, Ohio

The Sandusky Bay Station is strategically located on State Route 53 near Port Clinton, Ohio, in between Toledo and Cleveland. The station is the nation’s first to house the Department of Homeland Security’s Border Patrol, Office of Field Operations, and Office of Air and Marine within the same facility. The $25 million building employs roughly a hundred CBP staff from the local area, and serves as a focus point for collaborations among local, state, and federal agencies.

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In recent years, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has increased enforcement efforts in the area around Sandusky Bay Station in an attempt to stem unregulated traffic between Canada and the United States. During fiscal 2011, CBP agents in the sector surrounding Port Clinton apprehended over 1,500 individuals, seizing over 130 pounds of marijuana and almost ten pounds of cocaine. Agents working in the Sandusky Bay station patrol Lake Eerie, watch the shoreline, and maintain surveillance around Interstate 90 and Interstate 80. All CBP employees must be United States citizens and pass background checks.

Featured Border Patrol Jobs in Port Clinton, OH

Some of the Border Patrol jobs in Port Clinton include the following:

Marine Interdiction Agents – Marine Interdiction Agents are particularly important in the Port Clinton area, since Lake Eerie sees significant commercial and recreational traffic. Agents working at the Sandusky Bay Station are responsible for patrolling both central and western Lake Eerie, as well as the shoreline. These agents work to protect America from terrorism, weapons, terrorism, illegal drugs, human smuggling, and other concerns. They may also work with other local and federal agencies to provide security for large sporting or entertainment events.

Border Patrol Agents – CBP Border Patrol Agents work to ensure the security of Northern Ohio as well as the entire nation. They are on the frontlines of protecting the nation’s safety and security in the face of criminals, terrorists, narcotics, smuggling, and other threats. They often face extended hours and unpleasant weather, but perform a vital service for the country.

Prospective agents must not be forty at the time they apply to the CBP (exceptions apply), must possess a valid drivers license, be a resident as well as a citizen of the United States, and successfully complete fitness, medical, and background examinations. According to the Ohio Bureau of Labor Market Information, the median annual salary for Detectives and Criminal Investigators (a group that includes Border Patrol Agents) in the state is $65,000 annually and $31 hourly.

Other Border Patrol jobs that may be available in Clinton, OH, include:

  • Air Interdiction Agent
  • Canine Handler
  • Import Specialist
  • Agricultural Specialist
  • Technical or operations support

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