Border Patrol Jobs in Pittsburg, New Hampshire

Border Patrol jobs in Pittsburg, New Hampshire involve the fresh air of the surrounding forest and the sounds of nature. But do not be fooled, despite the serenity of the location the area is not without incident. Poachers and smugglers have been known to cross the border illegally, while hunters, snow-mobilers, and hikers have been known to need the assistance of Search and Rescue when they become lost. There is a demand for Border Patrol jobs in Pittsburg in the areas of Customs and Border Protection (CPB) Officers, Import Specialists, and Border Patrol Agents.

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Thanks to the recent Homeland Security grant, “Operation Stonegarden,” at the end of 2012, Border Patrol Agents, New Hampshire Fish and Game Officers, and Quebec Provincial Wardens successfully teamed up and caught two Canadian moose poachers crossing the U.S. border illegally. Resulting fines netted $3,240 and the suspension of hunting privileges for the pair of poachers.

The security of the entire United States is only as strong as the weakest border post. Even though the Pittsburg crossing may seem remote, it still plays a vital role in implementing proper inspection techniques and interviews. Border Patrol Agents use a variety of vehicles to patrol, “the slash,” the unfenced border between New Hampshire and Canada that resembles a power-line cut in the forest. At times teaming up with other agencies, Border Patrol Agents ride ATVs, trucks, and snow-machines to conduct patrols and operations along the boundary line, in addition to foot patrols.

Border Patrol Agent job requirements in Pittsburg

Job requirements for a career as a Border Patrol Agent in Pittsburg include having U.S. citizenship for at least three years and being able to pass an extensive background check and interview. Applicants must also not have any convictions for domestic violence and pass a polygraph and drug test successfully. Finally applicants must not be older than 40 years of age at the time of application (with exceptions for people with previous law-enforcement or military experience). It is also helpful to speak the French language. Applicants should be able to work well independently as well as in a team environment.