Border Patrol Jobs in New Hampshire

New Hampshire stretches across New England from the Atlantic Ocean on the east to Canada on the north. It is also bounded by the other New England states of Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency of the Department of Homeland Security is responsible for maintaining the security of all of these borders.

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The outlook for border patrol jobs in New Hampshire and elsewhere is excellent because the role of CBP professionals was greatly expanded after 9/11 when counter-terrorism became the top priority. In 2010, the U.S. Congress passed a $600 million bill that stipulated the hiring of 1,000 additional border patrol agents.

Work Sites for Border Patrol Agents and CBP Officers in New Hampshire

The historic town of Portsmouth is the sole CBP port of entry on New Hampshire’s 18-mile seacoast. CBP professionals also operate an entry port at the Manchester International Airport, renamed the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in 2006 because of its location less than 50 miles from Boston, MA.

In addition, a new $7.4 million, two-story, 6,460-square-foot facility replaced the small border patrol station at the town of Pittsburgh, situated in the “Great North Woods” along the state’s 5.8-mile-long border with Quebec, Canada.

According to an article in the New Hampshire Union Leader, an average of 7,400 passenger and 1,150 commercial vehicles pass through the Pittsburgh border station each year. CBP agents also operate a highway checkpoint within 100 miles of the border to screen occupants of southbound vehicles. It is noted that the border patrol maintains tactical units that patrol areas between ports of entry on horseback, bicycles, ATV’s and, yes, on snowmobiles!

Border Patrol Duties and Salaries in New Hampshire

CBP officers are always ready to assist legal travelers. However, the dedicated men and women working as border patrol agents know they are on the front line to prevent terrorists as well as illegal aliens, weapons, drugs and other contraband from entering the U.S. They understand they will work irregular hours, including the dangerous nighttime hours, and will be trained in marksmanship in order to carry firearms.

Standard CBP officer duties include:

  • Screen persons and cargo entering the U.S.
  • Prevent the entrance of terrorists and their weapons
  • Inspect all merchandize entering the country
  • Seize illegal goods
  • Participate in both overt and covert surveillances

Border patrol applicants must be U.S. citizens under the age of 40 (some exemptions are made for veterans), must know or be able to learn Spanish, and must pass both a thorough background check and rigorous physical and mental tests.

The annual border patrol officer salary in New Hampshire ranges from $33,420 to $67,010 for an average of $48,920 or $23.52/hour.

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