Border Patrol Jobs in Warroad, Minnesota

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) station located in Warroad, Minnesota is the northernmost border station in the state. The Warroad station is located in an anomaly of land at the northern tip of Minnesota above the 49th parallel, and shares a border with the Canadian province of Manitoba.

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The border crossing bares the fourth-heaviest traffic load of any border in the state and the second-most popular crossing for truck traffic going to and from Canada, despite being located in a town of about 1,800 residents, according to the 2010 United States Census. The closest large city is Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada which is a couple hundred miles away.

The isolated border crossing offers interesting opportunities for those with Border Patrol jobs in Warroad because of the flat frozen tundra that surrounds the station throughout the Fall, Winter and some of the Spring. Because of its location near the shores of the Lake of the Woods, marine and air interdiction agents play a particularly important role here in the apprehension of would-be drug smugglers.

Working at the Warroad Border Crossing Station

The Warroad border station was first established in 1924 and employed 3 agents until World War II. The station was closed soon after the World War II era while border stations in nearby towns were opened. The Warroad station re-opened its doors in 1955 and was re-built in 2010. The new building won many national design awards for its sustainability and LEED- certified qualifications.

The area of land covered by Warroad station is approximately 9, 234 square miles, according to the CBP, which includes 144 miles of international borderland with Manitoba, Canada.

Border Patrol Jobs at the Warroad Station

While the station is small compared to many around the country, there are still job opportunities because of its location near land and water, and because of the heavy international truck travel that comes through (which is the bulk of the car traffic at the Warroad crossing.) The following are highly specialized border patrol jobs that require candidates to meet specific education and training requirements.

Air Interdiction Specialist: The Warroad station is located near an airport, which is the northernmost airport in the state and the area covered is sparsely populated, but large, so some unmanned air craft is used.

Marine Interdiction Specialist: The Warroad station is located near the Lake of the Woods, which shares a border with Canada. Some boat inspection and surveillance is needed when the lake is not frozen over.

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