Border Patrol Jobs in Angle Inlet, Minnesota

The Angle Inlet border crossing is located on the very northern tip of the state of Minnesota. It is also the northernmost border crossing in the entire country (outside of Alaska,) as it is on the only strip of land above the 49th parallel, in the continental United States, which marks the border between the United States of America and Canada.

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The unique position of the border crossing station is at the apex of Minnesota and the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Ontario. It is also isolated from the rest of the country by the often frozen-over Lake of the Woods, making the surrounding jurisdiction a popular route for drug smugglers.

One of the Most Unusual Border Crossings in the World

The isolation of the Angle Inlet border crossing has made it one of the strangest border crossing stations, not only in the country, but perhaps in the entire world. The station is only accessible by crossing the Lake of the Woods from the United States’ side. This has made marine interdiction agents particularly useful in the apprehension of criminals committing border crimes that include the smuggling of drugs and other contraband.

Also, about 70-percent of the land located within the Angle Inlet border station jurisdiction is owned by the Red Lake Indian Reservation, which means it is not a very populated area. Due to the strange location, the Angle Inlet border station offers many unique opportunities for border patrol agents to aid in search and rescue missions and help local authorities as needed.

Available Jobs at the Angle Inlet Station

The staff size is very small at the Angle Inlet station, and thus border patrol employees are asked to perform many duties. Traffic through the border is so slow that the station was unmanned for years- with one agent on call to check-in and perform occasional inspections of border crossers.

When it comes to border patrol jobs in Angle Inlet, most employees reciving training and education to perform the basic duties of a border patrol agent or customs officer:

  • Speaking with border crossers
  • Performing searches when needed
  • Reviewing travel documents

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