Border Patrol Jobs in Marysville, Michigan

Marysville touches the banks of the Saint Clair River, the international boundary between the United States and Canada. The surrounding area is connected by numerous waterways which make a tempting path for those wishing to smuggle contraband or cross illegally into the United States. That is where Marysville Border Agents come into the picture. Using a variety of land, air, sea, and technology assets, these agents work to prevent items and people from crossing illegally into this country. As long as there is a border there will be available Border Patrol jobs in Marysville.

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The Marysville Station is responsible for monitoring the adjacent international border, as well as 19 Michigan counties. Patrolling the water boundary can be challenging due to high volumes of marine traffic transiting the Great Lakes System. One tool Border Agents have in their arsenal to monitor the river is the Remote Video Surveillance System (RVSS). This is comprised of remotely-monitored and operated video surveillance cameras set up in groups of four: two for daytime use and two with infrared vision technology for night time use. It is all to common that agents view a small motorboat crossing the river from Canada, dropping off a passenger in the United States, and crossing back to the other side.

Border Agents at Marysville Station use Latest Technology

Border Patrol jobs in Marysville are available to technologically-minded agents who receive training and education in how to operate systems such as the RVSS, which has nabbed thousands of undocumented border jumpers. Last May Border Agents watched as the typical scene unfolded: a boat crossed to the U.S. side and dropped off two people before quickly returning to the other bank of the river. Agents witnessed one of the suspects make a cell phone call and they were soon met by a vehicle. Border Agents stopped the vehicle and discovered two Albanians who admitted to having just illegally crossed the border. Surprisingly, the two suspects were not transporting drugs.

Marijuana and Ecstasy Among Drugs Seized in Marysville

In another instance agents watching the RVSS witnessed a boat traverse the river and give a package to the driver of a van on the other side, who then drove off. Border Agents intercepted the speeding van shorty afterwords, discovering a duffel bag filled with 33 pounds of marijuana. A similar incident occurred when Border Agents received a tip about a suspicious vehicle near the water. After some ordeal, 11 pounds of Ecstasy pills were discovered to have just been trafficked.

Border Agents find their careers to be rewarding and successful, though not easy. They work each day to keep America safe and secure against outside threats ranging from drugs to weapons. It may be difficult to see the effects of an individual’s Border Agent career on the national level, though it no doubt is there. Many Agents are simply content with seeing the efforts of their daily work reflected in their local communities.