Border Patrol Jobs in Gibraltar, Michigan

The Gibraltar Border Patrol Station was originally founded in 1924 in a different city and under a different name. The present 17,000-square-foot Gibraltar Station is in a new and expanded facility opened in 2008. Located next to Detroit, Michigan and just a few miles from the Lake Erie border line with Canada, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Gibraltar Station is in a strategically important area as defined by the Department of Homeland Security. Border Patrol careers play an important part in the defense of America.

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Border Agents by Land, Sea, and Air

Border Patrol jobs in Gibraltar have increased in demand ever since the shift in national border strategy triggered by the September 11th terrorist attacks. This shift has brought about new requirements for agent training and education that emphasizes the border as one of the front lines in the fight to keep the United States secure, and by this reasoning Gibraltar is on the front line. The international border the Gibraltar Station is responsible for consists solely of water, encompassing areas of the Detroit River and Lake Erie. Border Agents at the Gibraltar Station are also responsible for patrolling inland lakes, marinas, interstates, highways, and local roads.

Marine Interdiction Agents in Gibraltar

Because of the many nautical miles of territory, Marine Interdiction Units are regularly on patrol, using the latest technology available to track, monitor, and intercept suspicious maritime traffic. Drug smugglers are known to airdrop bundles of contraband into the water with avalanche beacons attached for their American-based counterparts to intercept and traffic through the United States. Perhaps less impressive, there are always smugglers who take a more direct and obvious route, concealing illegal narcotics in false-compartments in their boats. Border Patrol jobs in Gibraltar are available for agents who can think creatively to solve problems and who want to make a difference.

Air Interdiction Careers in Gibraltar

Air Interdiction Agents also patrol the land and sea for suspicious activity. There is a wide variety of aircraft available to the agents from the Gibraltar Station, including fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and surveillance drones. There have also been recent proposals in Congress to provide the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agency with military-grade radar systems, and presently there are cameras and other types of radar employed in efforts to secure the border. Careers with the Border Patrol start with an application in most cases as a CBP Officer. Other career pathways are available to agents with specialized skills.