Border Patrol Jobs in Imperial Beach, California

The Imperial Beach, California, Station, within the San Diego Border Patrol Sector, is a significant Border Patrol Station, as it is where the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s strategy to control the flow of illegal aliens across the nation’s borders, Operation Gatekeeper, was launched in October 1994.

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The Imperial Beach Station begins in San Ysidro, California, the site of the busiest Port of Entry into the United States, and extends all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

The Imperial Beach, California, Border Patrol Station, which was established in 1985, is the southwestern most Border Patrol Station in the United States, covering about 135 square miles of Southern California. It is located between Baja California and San Diego. This Station is also responsible for 5.5 miles of international border.

Border Patrol Careers at the Imperial Beach Border Patrol Station

The area of responsibility for Border Patrol jobs in Imperial Beach, California, consists of a number of challenging terrains, including canyons, mesas, beaches, horse ranches, and residential areas. In addition, the Tijuana River runs along the length of the border, thereby creating a need for Marine Interdiction Agents.

A major unit of the Imperial Beach Border Patrol Station is the Boat Unit, which patrols the Pacific Ocean and the Tijuana River. Air Interdiction Agents and Border Patrol Agents of the Boat Unit often assist the U.S. Coast Guard in operations involving alien and narcotics smuggling.

Imperial Beach, California, Border Patrol Agents patrol the Imperial Beach Station via 4×4 off-road vehicles, ATVs, horses, inflatable boats, and mountain bikes as to best navigate the terrain found here.

Border Patrol jobs in Imperial Beach, California are responsible for a 77 percent decrease in arrests in the surrounding area over the last two years. Border Patrol Agents, CBP Officers, and similar Border Patrol professionals are tasked with preventing, detecting and arresting individuals attempting to gain illegal entry into the United States.

The Imperial Beach Station also has a Community Relations Unit, which works with the community in support of Operation Gatekeeper.

Other Border Patrol jobs found at the Imperial Beach Station include some that mandate highly specialized training requirements:

  • CBP Officers
  • Canine Field Supervisors
  • Intelligence Research Specialists

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