Border Patrol Jobs in Brown Field, California

The Brown Field, California, Border Patrol Station, located in San Diego, California, is part of the San Diego Border Patrol Sector. The Brown Field Border Patrol Station, when it was originally opened in 1979, was located within the Brown Field Airport complex. In 1995, the Brown Field, California, Station was relocated to Britannia Court in San Diego.

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Border Patrol Jobs at the Brown Field Station

The Brown Field Station covers about 200 square miles of primary mountainous terrain. As such, Border Patrol jobs in Brown Field, California, include a line unit, a bike patrol unit, an ATV unit, and a Mobile Air Unit. These highly specialized units have unique training requirements in place that allow border patrol agents to master the skills needed to operate safely and effectively.

Border Patrol Agents and Air Interdiction Agents are therefore commonplace at the Brown Field Station, where they are tasked with a number of crucial responsibilities, including: apprehending illegal aliens attempting entry into the country and those attempting to smuggle illegal aliens into the country; detecting terrorists and their weapons; and preventing contraband, such as drugs and narcotics, from crossing our nation’s borders.

Border Patrol jobs in Brown Field, California, include:

  • Canine Field Coordinators
  • Marine Interdiction Agents
  • CBP Officers
  • Contract Specialists
  • Agricultural Specialists

About the San Diego Border Patrol Sector

The San Diego Border Patrol Sector, which spans nearly 57,000 square miles, is a crucial Sector for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), as it remains one of the busiest sectors for illegal entries. With the inception of several units over the years that focus on illegal immigration, the San Diego Border Patrol Sector has been freed up to concentrate on other important areas, such as transnational criminal organizations. In October 2009, for example, Campaign Stronghold was created, which focuses on disrupting, dismantling and defeating these organizations.

The Border Patrol professionals of the San Diego Border Patrol Sector were responsible for 42,477 apprehensions in FY2011 alone.

The San Diego Border Patrol Sector has also partnered with a number of federal, state, and local enforcement agencies to provide seamless border protection and has focused many of its resources to both the California Corridor Campaign and the 2012-2016 Border Patrol Strategic Plan, both of which are focused on taking a risk-based approach to securing the border.

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