Border Patrol Jobs in Campo, California

The Campo, California, Border Patrol Station, which is located in Pine Valley, California, boasts a relatively new facility, which was constructed in June 2008. The Campo, California, Station is located in a rural area of San Diego County, about 28 miles from the San Diego Border Patrol Sector headquarters.

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The Campo Border Patrol Station, which oversees about 13 linear miles along the Southwest border, includes about 418 square miles of surrounding land. This station is also responsible for two traffic checkpoints, which are located on Interstate 8 and Old Highway 80. It is estimated that about 7,000 vehicles pass through these busy checkpoints every year. In total, the area of responsibility for Border Patrol Jobs in Campo, California, extends from Campo, California, to Boulevard, California, in the east, and Julian, California, in the north.

The Campo Border Patrol Station was opened intermittently from the 1930s up to 1956, at which time it became a full-time Station. Upon implementation of Operation Gatekeeper in 1994, and the enhanced infrastructure that resulted, the Campo Border Patrol Station saw a dramatic rise in personnel, resources, and technology.

Border Patrol Careers at the Campo Station

The Campo Station’s area of responsibility is largely rugged, undeveloped terrain. In fact, some of the most dangerous and rugged land within the San Diego Border Patrol Sector is found within the Campo Border Patrol Station’s area of responsibility. In particular, much of the terrain within the Campo Station is desert and mountain land, most of which is covered in dense vegetation.

Border Patrol jobs in Campo, California, therefore require the use of ATV vehicles, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and even extensive hiking. Border Patrol Agents here must also use a number of tools, such as night vision scopes, to perform anti-smuggling and intelligence gathering operations.

Just a few of the specialist Border Patrol jobs in Campo, California, include:

  • Canine Field Coordinators
  • Air Interdiction Agents
  • Intelligence Research Specialists
  • Contract Specialists

Further, a number of CBP Officers are required two oversee the two traffic checkpoints of the Campo Border Patrol Station.

About the San Diego Border Patrol Sector

The San Diego Border Patrol Sector spans 56,831 square miles and includes 931 miles of coastal border. Some of the specialty units found within the San Diego Border Patrol Sector include units that mandate agents meet specialized training and competency requirements:

  • Horse Patrol
  • Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue Team (BORSTAR)
  • Air Mobile Unit/Mobile Response Team
  • Marine Interdiction Unit
  • Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC)
  • Smuggling Interdiction Group (SIG)

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