U.S. Customs Jobs in Kansas

Following the tragic events of 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sponsored a renewed effort to secure the borders of the United States.  The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) division of the DHS employs the agents who carry out this mission.  The ranks of CPB agents have increased by over 10,000 in the years from 2001-2011.  States that are land-locked such as Kansas have entry points via air traffic.  The official port of entry for Kansas is in Wichita.

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The Role of Customs Agents in Kansas

Border Patrol jobs and U.S. Customs careers in Kansas are varied, but all involve regorous training to develop the skills needed to protect the security of the U.S.  A prime concern of the DHS is the threat of terrorism, and Customs Agents detain suspicious individuals who try to enter the country through Wichita.  The interdiction of drugs and other forms of contraband such as weapons is also a major concern for these agents.  Drug smuggling by air is a major way in which drugs are introduced into the U.S.

Another role of Customs Agents is to prevent prohibited pests and pathogens from gaining egress into the country.  Kansas is considered the breadbasket of the country and grows the most wheat of any of the United States.  Thus, protecting the agriculture of the state is a major concern of Customs Agents in Kansas.

Agents of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) originally carried out agricultural inspections.  Given the importance of these inspections to U.S. security, the CBP is now in charge of inspecting fruit, vegetables, and meat products that are brought into the country.  In addition to having specific Agricultural Specialists, all Customs Agents are trained how to monitor potential agricultural threats.  The CBP has established a career track, so that entry level Agricultural Specialists can advance in their field.

Custom Agent Job Requirements in Kansas

The CBP is constantly recruiting new people to join its ranks.  About 25% of CBP agents are veterans.  Job applicants to the CBP are required to be less than 40 years of age, although exceptions can be made for veterans.  They are screened both with a physical examination and mental tests on logic and reasoning.  All applicants undergo a thorough background check and a drug test.  There are helpful guides on how to pursue the application process to become a Customs Agents and join the ranks of those protecting the safety of the American public.