Border Patrol Jobs in Lukeville, Arizona

The Lukeville, Arizona Port of Entry from Mexico to the United States is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Border patrol jobs in Lukeville, Arizona are determined and regulated by the CBP. The town of Lukeville is directly across the border from the town of Sonoyta, Mexico.

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Most of the traffic that comes through the Lukeville Port of Entry consists of local tourism between Arizona and Mexico’s beaches. When persons attempt to cross from Arizona to Mexico at Lukeville, Border Patrol Agents will stop them, ask if they are carrying any guns, ammunition or $10,000 in cash, and will inspect the vehicle in which they are traveling. As there is just one lane for passenger vehicles crossing into Mexico, sometimes wait times can be 45 minutes or more. When returning from Mexico to the U.S. at Lukeville, approximately two lanes are open and wait times can be as long as four hours to get through the port of entry.

Border Crimes in Lukeville, Arizona

Just as in any port of entry into the United States, border crimes occur at the Lukeville, Arizona port. They have included in the past:

  • Seizures of drugs including marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin
  • Seizures of ammunition and weapons
  • Seizures of unreported cash over $10,000

Border Crossings in Lukeville, Arizona

The Lukeville Port of Entry in Arizona contains the following border crossings:

  • Cargo Facility
  • Passenger Processing

Border Patrol Requirements and Job Titles in Lukeville, Arizona

Lukeville, Arizona is a busy Port of Entry, and thus requires many people to fill border patrol jobs in the port. Titles of jobs that may be available in the Lukeville Port of Entry include:

Border Patrol Agent: Border Patrol Agents are on the front lines in each land port of entry, helping to prevent illegal persons, goods, drugs and money from entering the United States. Their job is also to be on constant alert and apprehend persons who may be terrorists.

Job requirements for Border Patrol training include U.S. citizenship, being under age 40, possess a valid driver’s license, pass a background investigation, pass a medical exam, pass a fitness test, pass a drug test and pass a physical fitness test.

CBP Officer:  U.S. Customs careers for CBP officers grant law enforcement powers in addition to those held by Border Patrol Agents. They may search, arrest and serve warrants. Like Border Patrol Agents, CBP Officers must prevent possible terrorists from entering the United States, stop drug smuggling activities, weapons trafficking and other criminal activities, inspect vehicles, and prevent anyone from illegally entering the U.S.

Requirements for CBP Officer include meeting all of the Border Patrol Agent requirements, plus:

  • Have  three years’ generalized or one year of specialized experience, depending upon the GS level of the position you seek
  • Have a bachelor’s degree in place of three years of experience
  • Be under age 37

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