Border Patrol Jobs in Casa Grande, Arizona

Located in the Tucson Sector of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Unit of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Casa Grande, Arizona Border Patrol Station began in 1926 with just three agents. Today, border patrol jobs in Casa Grande, Arizona number in the dozens and are responsible for patrolling almost 45 miles of linear international border shared with Mexico.

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The CBP has reported that Border Patrol and U.S. Customs agents in the Casa Grande Border Patrol Station have apprehended fugitives and seized contraband including drugs and money as they attempted to cross the border from Mexico into the United States. In 2011, however, a USAToday report found that towns within 100 miles of the border, including Casa Grande, had less crime than other towns in the state of Arizona. Residents of the Casa Grande area feel safe knowing that the CBP has a major presence in their town and is keeping them safe.

Border Crossings in Casa Grande, Arizona

The Tohono O’Odham Reservation is located within the area of the Casa Grande Border Patrol Station. This 5000 square mile Native American Reservation shares 75 miles of international border with Mexico and is the site of frequent border crossings in Casa Grande, Arizona. Being a Native American Reservation, this is sometimes a difficult area for Border Patrol Agents to effectively patrol.

Border Patrol Job Titles in Casa Grande, Arizona

Casa Grande, Arizona consists of a rough terrain of rocks and desert. It is a challenging place for those with border patrol jobs and U.S. Customs careers to work. Border patrol agents in Casa Grande, Arizona patrol the area on foot, by horseback, with vehicles, and in airplanes. They may be specially trained to work in the air, with canines, and in inspecting goods entering the United States.

Border Patrol Agents may have to apprehend fugitives, attempted smugglers, and illegal aliens as part of their jobs. They use technology, specialized border patrol training and their own instincts to help them fulfill these responsibilities. Most of all, Border Patrol Agents in Casa Grande, Arizona are charged with preventing terrorism and being on the lookout for suspected terrorists and terrorist activities. Job titles in Casa Grande, Arizona may include Border Patrol Agent, CBP Officer, Air Interdiction Agent and CBP Pilot, among others.