How to Become a Border Patrol Agent in Arizona

If you are interested in learning how to become a Border Patrol Agent in Arizona through U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), you must complete the following:

1.  Obtain vital education and experience.

Depending on the Arizona Border Patrol Agent job you’re applying for, it is often preferred that candidates possess a four-year education, work experience, or both. Your level of pay in the CBP is determinant upon your level of work experience and education.

2.  Before you apply, carefully review the job requirements for a Border Patrol Agent job in Arizona.

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), as a federal entity, has set forth specific requirements for all of its Border Patrol Agents. It is therefore important to ensure you meet all CBP requirements before applying for a Border Patrol Agent position. All candidates for employment must:

  • Be U.S. citizens and U.S. residents (for at least 3 years)
  • Be under the age of 40, unless they meet specific Veteran’s eligibility or if they have previously held a position in federal law enforcement
  • Hold a valid U.S. driver’s license
  • Background and criminal arrest Review
  • Undergo a credit check, a drug test, and a polygraph test
  • Pass a medical examination and two fitness tests

If you have past convictions or arrests, including domestic violence convictions, you’ll be ineligible for employment with the CBP.

3.  Identify available border patrol agent jobs in Arizona.

The Resource Center at lists all available CBP jobs. Carefully review all information associated with the vacancy announcement before applying for the job. The HR Contact that is listed with the job vacancy is good contact point if you should have any questions about the position or about the application process.

Individuals who need more guidance on working for the CBP as a Border Patrol Agent may want to seek the guidance of a CBP Recruiter in Arizona. If you live in the western portion of Arizona (Yuma Sector), you can contact a CBP recruiter at 1-888-376-6419 or at [email protected]. If you live in any other area of Arizona (Tucson Sector), you can contact a recruiter at 1-866-318-9151 or [email protected].

The CBP is also very active at recruiting and career events throughout Arizona. There are a number of events scheduled in 2013 in Phoenix. You can find specific dates through the CBP’s Outreach/Recruiting calendar.

4.  Apply for the Border Patrol Agent job and submit all required documents.

Pay close attention to the How to Apply section of the job listing, and submit all the required documents so your application moves forward.  If you need help applying online or if you are unable to apply online, you can contact the Human Resources Office contact listed on the job listing.

Part of the job application process includes passing an entrance exam, which tests your logical reasoning skills; assesses your previous work assessment; and tests your Spanish language abilities, or ability to learn Spanish, as the case may be. To get an idea of what to expect on the entrance exam, you can access study guides/preparation manuals on the CBP website.

5.  Complete all tests, exams and pre-employment forms.

If you passed the entrance examination and submitted all required documents, along with the completed application, you will be notified and will begin receiving status updates either via email or through the Central Applicant Self-Service (CASS).

The CASS system will provide you with all necessary information to allow you to finish completing the other requirements for a Border Patrol Agent job in Arizona, such as medical exams and fitness tests, both of which must take place in the pre-employment phase. For additional information on what to expect and how to prepare for the two fitness exams, you can visit the CBP website.

6.  Complete training at the CBP Border Patrol Academy.

Upon successful completion of all CBP Border Patrol Agent requirements, and provided you have ranked as one of the highest among your peers, you will receive official word of your employment with the CBP.

All new Border Patrol Agents must then head to the CBP Border Patrol Academy in New Mexico, to receive their basic law enforcement skills.

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