Border Patrol Jobs in Alamogordo, New Mexico

There are two main roads that lead north from Juarez, Mexico, and Alamogordo is the first town on one of them. It is located in a highly-trafficked corridor used by drug smugglers and undocumented immigrants. To combat illegal activity in the area, the Border Patrol operates several checkpoints along the major highways near Alamogordo. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents also collaborate closely with local and state law enforcement to ensure federal jurisdiction is present when needed in cases involving immigration violations. The Alamogordo station additionally provides backup for stations located along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Border Patrol jobs in Alamogordo have been available since 1926, when the first two career Patrol Inspectors ran operations out of their homes. In present times Border Agents are based out of the Alamogordo Station, responsible for 16,285 square miles of territory and located about 90 miles from the border. Since the September 11th attacks the Department of Homeland Security has procured more funding for the CBP Department as securing the borders of the United States and interdicting smugglers have become the new priorities for keeping America safe.

Careers Available in Alamogordo for Sharp Agents

Border Patrol jobs in Alamogordo require an agent who can think outside the box. There is a constant battle being waged between smugglers and Border Agents to see who can outsmart who. In a recent case on a road checkpoint near Alamogordo, Border Agents were alerted by a field canine to the presence of drugs in a suspect van.

Upon initial inspection Border Patrol Agents did not immediately see anything out of the ordinary. However, upon a closer examination agents discovered several bundles of marijuana hidden tightly in the roof of the van. After disassembling the vehicle, a total of 210 pounds of the drug were recovered, worth an estimated $168,000.

Field Canine Units in Alamogordo

Field Canine Units are one of the most effective weapons Border Patrol Agents have in the search for hidden illegal drugs. Most of the drugs discovered in traffic checkpoints are alerted to by field canines. These dogs are chosen among three specific breeds and only one out of a hundred will make it through the initial vigorous testing process. Once the select dog has passed the necessary hurdles it will then begin its career, being placed with a CBP Officer who has volunteered to train with the dog and become a Field Canine Unit. The team will go through months of training together, and at the end of each day the agent gets to take the field canine home.