U.S. Customs Jobs in Nevada

Persons who are coming from another country and wish to enter the United States in Nevada must do so through being processed at one of the two ports of entry in the state operated by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Unit of the United States Department of Homeland Security. U.S. customs jobs in Nevada are vital keeping the U.S. secure from terrorist activities as well as preventing illegal persons and contraband from coming into the United States.

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U.S. Customs Crimes in Nevada

Nevada’s two ports of entry experience their share of U.S. customs crimes. Although statistics have not been released by the CBP regarding U.S. customs violations in Nevada, one can assume that illegal immigrants have been apprehended by CBP officials and staff, illegal drugs and contraband seized, and that some of those arrested have been passed on to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation back to their home countries.

Ports of Entry in Nevada

Two Ports of Entry are located in Nevada:

  • Reno
    • Also contains a Deferred Inspection Office, used when the immigration status of someone entering the U.S. cannot be determined at a port of entry because the person does not have correct documentation. Staff at a Deferred Inspection Office will review documentation to these immigrants and correct any errors made by the port of entry.
  • Las Vegas

About five years ago, a bill was proposed in the Nevada State Assembly to expand Nevada’s ports of entry from two to four. Although the bill did not pass, if the need is seen by state law makers in the future, more ports of entry could be created in Nevada, creating even more U.S. customs jobs in Nevada.

U.S. Customs Requirements and Job Titles in Nevada

The ports of entry in Nevada employ many people to help keep the United States’ air borders safe and secure from outside threats. Ports of entry in Nevada utilize many CBP job titles in doing this, including Air Interdiction Agent, Import Specialist, Deferred Inspection Site Agent and the following:

Transportation Security Specialist – Explosives – This CBP professional must respond to any security concerns at a Port of Entry having to do with possible explosives being present. Analysis and resolution of the situations will be required.

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