Border Patrol Jobs in Tampa, Florida

The city of Tampa, Florida is one of the premier tourist destinations, not only in the state, but in the entire United States of America. There has been a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) presence in Tampa since 1925, which makes it one of the oldest border patrol stations in the region. The Tampa station is part of the larger Southern sector of the CBP and deals mostly with maritime problems when illegal immigration and smuggling of drugs and other illicit goods is concerned. The Tampa station was initially created to serve as the sector headquarters for the region, but has since had its responsibilities diminished to the stations located in Miami, and is primarily concerned now with patrol work and assisting local law enforcement agencies.

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Border Patrol Careers at the Tampa Station

Border patrol jobs in Tampa have various training requirements, which all depend on which positions are being applied for. The major positions in Tampa are as a border agent, an air interdiction agent, a marine interdiction agent and an import specialist.

  • Border Agent: These agents perform the basic duties of the CBP and assist local law enforcement in the apprehension and identification of illegal immigrants and international criminals of every stripe.
  • Air Interdiction Agent: Air agents are responsible for interviewing people who are traveling internationally through the various air fields in the area.
  • Marine Interdiction Agent: The bulk of these responsibilities for the border patrol job involve patrolling the numerous and vast water areas for suspicious activity, such as illegal immigration and drug smuggling.
  • Import Specialist: Since there are so many sea ports in the area, these agents are responsible for inspecting shipments in order to make sure they are in compliance with national and international laws and regulations.

Area Covered by Tampa Border Patrol Station Agents

The border patrol jobs at the Tampa station are responsible for monitoring and patrolling 12 counties in central and western Florida. The area within the Tampa station territory also includes some coast line along the Gulf of Mexico and swampland to the north of the boundary. To the south of the boundary are a series of islands that have sandy beaches and are very popular as an international tourist destination. There are also numerous international marinas located in the area and three major seaports that are popular shipping and cargo routes between Mexico, South America, the United States of America and the Caribbean Islands and even points beyond.

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