Border Patrol Jobs in Dania Beach, Florida

The border crossing station located in Dania Beach, Florida is the largest Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency in the entire state. The importance of the Dania Beach border patrol station can be traced all the way back to its beginnings in 1925. Way back then it was decided by the United States government that surveillance and patrolling of the coast along Florida and near Cuba and the Caribbean Islands would be necessary in order to secure the coastlines of the United States of America.

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The Dania Beach border crossing station is located in the vicinity of Miami, which is the largest metropolitan area in the state of Florida and is also the most susceptible to drug trafficking and smuggling as well as illegal immigration because of its location near Cuba and the Bahamas and because of the huge swath of small islands known as the Florida Keys.

Area Covered by the Dania Beach Station

The Dania Beach station covers a large amount of area that is located mostly at sea, but also on land as well. Customs and border patrol jobs at the Dania Beach station focus mainly on sea and aircraft inspections- as those are the two most common ways in which illegal immigrants and drugs are brought into the state. There are two major seaports located within the boundaries of Dania Beach border patrol, as well as two international airports. The physical location of the Dania Beach border patrol station is located at the intersection of two major highways in the state, Interstate 95 and Interstate 595.

Dania Beach also includes area in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Gulf of Mexico, which makes it one of the only border stations in the country that can claim territory in two separate ocean regions. The area is also considered the cruise capitol of the world with more than 3.7 million passengers going through the area every year.

The Role of the Marine Interdiction Agent in and Around Dania Beach

Marine Interdiction Agents are the most common border patrol job in Dania Beach. These border patrol agents must meet stringent training requirements before being considered for these jobs. These agents travel via boat and patrol the waterways and various known corridors for drug smugglers and other people seeking to cross the border into the United States illegally. Nationally, there are more than 1,000 Marine Interdiction Agents employed by the CBP. That number is expected to increase over the next decade, according to the CBP.