Border Patrol Jobs in Louisiana

Border patrol jobs in Louisiana involve protecting U.S. land and waters from illegal persons and goods interested in crossing the US border. Within the state of Louisiana, employees of the New Orleans Sector are responsible for safeguarding the U.S. through land, air and marine interdiction.

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The CBP has reported the following crime statistics at the border in the New Orleans, Louisiana sector for fiscal year 2011:

  • 1509 total illegal alien apprehensions (897 were from Mexico)
  • 214.24 pounds of marijuana seized
  • 20.43 pounds of cocaine seized
  • 3 assaults reported

Border Crossings in Louisiana

Border crossing stations in Louisiana within the New Orleans Sector include:

  • Baton Rouge Station- agents at this station are responsible for patrolling the central and northeastern sections of Louisiana. The Port of Baton Rouge is also within this station’s jurisdiction.
  • Lake Charles Station – as a channel from Lake Charles runs to the Gulf of Mexico, this makes Lake Charles a deep water port and therefore a border crossing into the U.S. through Louisiana
  • New Orleans Station- agents here must keep the Port of New Orleans safe and make sure alien crewmen from other vessels do not attempt to enter the U.S. here

Border Patrol Requirements and Job Titles in Louisiana

Border patrol agents in Louisiana are responsible for ensuring that no persons or goods illegally enter the U.S. through Louisiana’s waters or land borders. This requires many people to fill border patrol jobs in Louisiana. While most jobs in the state are for Border Patrol Agents and CBP Officers, there are other CBP needs throughout Louisiana. They include:

  • Marine Interdiction Agent – as much of the patrol of Louisiana involves making sure its waters remain secure, Louisiana is in need of Marine Interdiction Agents, whose primary job is to discover and prevent terrorist acts and illegal entrance into the United States through its waters. Requirements that you must meet to be eligible for this position include:
    • Be a U.S. citizen
    • Apply for the position before your 40th birthday
    • Pass a thorough background test
    • Pass a physical examination
    • Pass a drug test
    • Marine and/or law enforcement experience is preferred
    • If you wish to qualify for jobs with higher pay grades, a U.S. Coast Guard Marine license is required
  • CBP Pilot – Other border patrol jobs involve surveillance and law enforcement from the air. The responsibilities of the CBP Pilot include air surveillance to prevent terrorism and illegal entry into the U.S.; operating detection systems; using these systems to detect, track and apprehend illegal goods and persons attempting to enter the U.S.; and helping to secure the U.S. skies. To be eligible for Border Patrol training and education in this capacity, specific requirements must be met:
    • Be a U.S. citizen
    • Be under the age of 40 at time of application
    • Pass a drug test
    • Pass a thorough background check
    • Pass a FAA Class 1 Flight Physical
    • Have a valid FAA Commercial Pilot license with instrument rating
    • Have logged 1500 hours of total flight time, 100 of which must have been obtained during the last 12 months; 250 of which must be as a pilot-in-command; and 75 hours in instrument/night flying

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