Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE) Intelligence Officer Careers

The Homeland Security Investigations Intelligence Office supports one of the largest intelligence agencies in the federal government. Tasked with ensuring national security through the collection, analysis and distribution of strategic and tactical data, ICE Intelligence officers help maintain a constant watch on America’s borders, foreign nationals residing in the country, and organizations abroad.

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ICE Intelligence officers provide up-to-the-minute information about the activities of foreign elements operating outside the country as well those within its borders.  Using the latest intelligence and defense technology including electronic surveillance, satellite tracking, and next-generation information retrieval programs, ICE officers monitor and evaluate potential and emerging threats before they can impact U.S. security.

ICE Intelligence Officer Job Description

Intelligence officers gather information from all available channels in collaboration with the FBI, CIA, and NSA in order to develop response strategies that will involve ICE personnel.  These analysts must sift through enormous amounts of chatter and unimportant data to uncover clues about the intentions and preparations that terrorist networks, multinational gangs, and criminal syndicates have taken to harm U.S. interests.  This information is then passed on to ICE personnel and partner agencies so that swift and effective action can be taken.

ICE Intelligence Officers perform a wide variety of job functions, including:

  • Collect, tag and store incoming raw intelligence
  • Analyze high priority intelligence and relay it to the appropriate agencies and personnel
  • Translate the conversations and communiques in foreign languages
  • Interrogate and question potential terrorists, criminals, and associates
  • Evaluate and process information for reports to managers and policy strategists
  • Present briefs and reports to diplomats, government officials and intelligence personnel
  • Formulate appropriate tactical and strategic responses for developing threats
  • Manage and operate information systems with the intent to properly identify and store intelligence for later retrieval and use
  • Conduct reviews of intelligence handling procedures to ensure proper safeguards are implemented
  • Grade, evaluate and quantify data with regard to threat level and strategic importance
  • Monitor the activities of suspects using surveillance and law enforcement personnel
  • Liaise with intelligence assets inside and outside the country to gain data or confirm reports

ICE Intelligence Officer Salary and Job Benefits

The intellectual and cognitive qualifications necessary to perform as an ICE Intelligence Officer limit candidate pools to a select few.  In order to attract and retain these highly talented professionals, the starting salary and promotional potential is quite high for ICE Intelligence Officer jobs.  Entering intelligence professionals may start as a GS-9, GS-11, GS-12, or GS-13, with the opportunity to progress up to the GS-14 pay level.  The annual salaries for these pay levels for 2012 were as follows:

  • General Schedule 9:  $41,563-$54,028
  • General Schedule 11:  $50,287-$65,371
  • General Schedule 12:  $60,274-$78,355
  • General Schedule 13:  $71,674-$93,175
  • General Schedule 14:  $84,697-$110,104

These salaries may be adjusted with a cost of living addition depending on the geographical location of the posting.

ICE Intelligence Officer jobs also come with an outstanding benefits package that all federal employees receive. This benefits package includes:

  • Health insurance with the option for vision and dental plans
  • Life and long term care insurance
  • Several retirement plans that allow full retirement after 30 years of service
  • Paid federal holidays
  • Flexible spending accounts that supplement health and life insurance plans
  • Thrift Savings Plan that functions as a 401k
  • Telework
  • Tuition reimbursement

To learn more about becoming an ICE intelligence officer, click here.

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