San Diego Border Patrol Agents Improve the Quality of Life in This Sector

US Customs and Border Protection highlighted the successes of border patrol agents in the San Diego Sector for fiscal year 2014 in a press release from December of that year. This sector has 2.5 times more agents than it did in 1993, and this increased level of staffing has greatly improved the interception of illegal aliens and drugs across the Mexican border and increased the quality of life in San Diego.

Border patrol agents in San Diego seized 47.7% of the meth, 38.2% of the cocaine, 31.3% of the heroin, and 1% of the marijuana seized by all border patrol agents nationwide in fiscal year 2014.

In addition, these agents apprehended 29,911 people trying to cross into the US illegally that year. This was 6.2% of the total number of people apprehended across the southwest border with Mexico. While these apprehensions in San Diego were 8.78% higher than the previous year, they represent a significant decrease from the 1980s. More than 628,000 people were apprehended trying to cross the border in San Diego in 1986.

San Diego Sector border patrol agents also rescued 16 people in 13 missions and processed 954 unaccompanied alien children in fiscal year 2014. This represented a 44% increase in the number of minors trying to enter the country from the previous year.

The agents in this sector are responsible for patrolling 60 miles of land and 114 miles of coast shared with Mexico. The Chief Patrol Agent of the San Diego Sector commented on how the increase in border security has led to an improved quality of life in this area as measured by the development of small business and community infrastructure, housing, and shopping malls.