Halloween Kept Southern Arizona Border Agents Busy Seizing Drugs

Customs and Border Patrol agents in southern Arizona made several major busts on Halloween 2016.

Nogales. Officers stopped a 34-year old man trying to travel through the Dennis DeConcini crossing at the Port of Nogales. Fortunately, they ordered a secondary inspection of his vehicle—a Jeep SUV.

A K-9 narcotics detection dog led the officers to a front wheel well in the vehicle. The man had $266,000 wroth of hard drugs in the SUV. The wheel well contained more than 40 packages of drugs including:

  • More than 62 pounds of meth
  • 3 pounds of cocaine
  • 3 pounds of heroin

Officers arrested the man who was from Altar, Sonora, Mexico.

Douglas. Another southern Arizona bust took place in Douglas. A woman from Agua Prieta, Sonora tried to smuggle nearly 125 pounds of marijuana across the Raul Hector Castro Port of Entry. She was also driving an SUV—a Chevrolet in this case.

Fortunately, CBP officers found the vehicle suspicious enough to subject it to a secondary search. Once again, a narcotics detection dog alerted the officers that there were drugs in the vehicle. They were hidden throughout the SUV. In fact, packages of drugs nearly filled the SUV’s gas tank.

After seizing the vehicle and the drugs, officers turned the woman over to ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations.

Yuma. Yet another Halloween bust took place near Yuma at the I-8 immigration checkpoint east of the city. In another secondary check with a narcotics detection dog, officers discovered 9 pounds of meth worth about $27,000.

A check of records on the female driver found that she had a previous charge of prostitution. Agents processed the perpetrator, vehicle, and drugs.