San Diego Sector Border Patrol Agents Discover $750,000 Worth of Narcotics in a Spare Tire

San Diego Sector border patrol agents noticed a Mazda on the shoulder of the road south of a checkpoint on Interstate 5. They watched the man open his trunk and then shut it again after several minutes. After that, he drove to the checkpoint on I-5.

Agents questioned the man and his male passenger and then referred the car to be checked for narcotics. Although a K-9 officer detected the presence of narcotics in the car, the agents couldn’t find any drugs in the car. However, they pursued the investigation and brought the dog to the area where the man had pulled over.

The border patrol agents discovered the man’s spare tire on the road’s shoulder. The tire contained 21 bundles of narcotics including:

  • 9 bundles of cocaine
  • 2 bundles of black tar heroin
  • 10 bundles of brown heroin

The 30.42 pounds of heroin and 23.48 pounds of cocaine are worth about $781,520 on the street. The agents turned both of the men and the drugs over to the DEA and seized the vehicle—a 2004 Mazda 3.

This was but one of many drug busts carried out by the San Diego Sector border patrol agents. They intercepted 9,204 ounces of heroin in fiscal year 2014—a 45.4% increase over the previous year. The agents also seized more than 1,697 pounds of cocaine—an increase of 105% over the previous year.

More than 2,500 border patrol agents in the San Diego Sector oversee 60 linear miles of the Mexican border and 114 miles of coastal border. These agents seized 31.3% of the heroin seized nationwide by the US Border Patrol in fiscal year 2013.