Border Patrol Officers Make a Number of Multi-Million Dollar Marijuana Seizures at the Nogales Border Crossing in 2015

Narcotics detection dogs are helping to make a major dent in the war on drugs. Many large-scale drug seizures at US ports of crossing got their start when a K-9 officer detected drugs in a vehicle. This is particularly true at the high-intensity border crossing in Nogales.

The latest case of this took place on July 1, 2015 when a CBP K-9 officer alerted officials to the presence of drugs in a tractor-trailer attempting to cross at the Mariposa Commercial Facility in Nogales. Border patrol officers then seized $3,237,000 worth of marijuana from the truck.

The drugs were dispersed in more than 140 packages hidden in boxes of electronic parts and components. The driver was a 39-year old man from Sonora, Mexico who was turned over to ICE Homeland Security Investigations.

While a major bust, this seizure is one of several high-profile ones in Nogales in 2015 so far this year. Border Patrol officers made a near-record seizure of more than $6 million worth of marijuana in March. Once again, a drug detection dog alerted officers to the presence of the drugs in a tractor-trailer. More than 530 bales of marijuana were hidden inside cardboard boxes co-mingled with pump components. The 39-year old driver from Nogales was arrested.

The day before this bust, border patrol officers found nearly 2,500 pounds of marijuana worth $1.2 million in a tractor-trailer carrying bell peppers. In February, a K-9 officer led border patrol agents to more than 11,000 pounds of marijuana in a load of mesquite charcoal. The drugs were worth more than $5.6 million.