New Mexico Border Patrol Agents Make Huge Bust

US Border Patrol agents working at the Deming Station near Deming, New Mexico thwarted an attempt by nearly 30 foreign nationals to traffic humans and drugs across the southern border. Approximately a quarter-ton of marijuana was seized from a stolen vehicle that some of the illegals were driving indicating that this was a major smuggling attempt that could have led to subsequent equally substantial attempts had it not been intercepted by Border Patrol agents.

Last Thursday, the Deming Tactical Radio Dispatch informed agents about activity that was being picked up by sensors near the town of Hachita. The agents patrolling near the area spotted two suspicious vehicles traveling together, one a dirty Chevy pickup truck with a makeshift bed cover and the other a Dodge pickup with similar features.

Border Patrol agents watched the two vehicles driving unusually slow and making the same turns and maneuvers. That is when the agents determined that something was amiss and moved in closer to investigate. They pursued the vehicles and requested registration information about them from Border Patrol dispatchers. It was found that the Dodge pickup truck had been reported stolen in Las Cruces, New Mexico which prompted the agents to signal the driver to stop. Instead, he attempted to flee but the attempt was thwarted when the truck sustained a flat tire.

Agents found 16 illegal immigrants crammed into the truck, most of whom were piled into the bed of the truck. Just over 200 pounds of the 500 total pounds of marijuana seized were found during that stop. Meanwhile, additional agents had stopped the Chevy, which had also made several attempts to evade pursuing agents but was ultimately stopped when the truck slammed through a barbed wire fence and crashed into a ditch. Agents then arrested 12 additional illegals and seized nearly 300 pounds of marijuana from that vehicle.