The Border Patrol Does More Than Just Patrol the Border

Members of the Border Patrol are often called on to carry out all sorts of other roles, especially in emergency situations. Their normal role is to catch those who are trying to evade security at the borders of the United States, whether they are people trying to enter illegally, or smuggling drugs or other contraband. In Tucson, Arizona, it is not unusual for the Border Patrol agents to be called on to assist with emergency situations involving American citizens as well as illegal immigrants who are lost or missing.

A couple of weeks ago there was an accident involving a motorcycle on Route 83 and the Sonita Border Patrol were asked to help, even though an Emergency Medical team was on the way. Once they arrived at the scene of the accident, the EMS had still not arrived but the victim was being assisted by none other than a Border Patrol agent who was actually off duty.

Luckily all Border Patrol agents are trained in emergency response procedures and in this case the agent was in the process of helping the injured victim instead of merely waiting for the local emergency team to arrive.

As the Border Patrol agents who had been summoned could see that the victim was in capable hands, they then set about carrying out other vital procedures including ensuring there was a safe place for the medical helicopter to land and controlling other traffic on the road.

The local medical teams arrived shortly thereafter and took over, taking the injured motorcyclist to a Tucson hospital by helicopter where his condition was said to be serious but not life threatening.

In the Tucson area, all Border Patrol agents are certified as first responders. In addition, over 250 are also qualified Emergency Medical Technicians and 16 are actually qualified paramedics.