US Border Patrol Agents at Del Rio Continue to Arrest Sex Offenders

A US Border Patrol agent in the Del Rio Sector near San Angelo, Texas has apprehended five convicted sex offenders over the course of the last month.

The most recent of these apprehensions occurred September 9th when agents arrested a 29-year-old illegal immigrant who was found to have open warrants for his arrest for violating his parole on a child sexual assault conviction from 2006. The man was deported out of the United States back to his native Mexico after he was convicted.

On another occasion a few days earlier, Border Patrol agents arrested a 25-year-old illegal immigrant from Honduras with a federal sex offense on his record. He had been convicted in 2007 and sentenced to five years confinement before being deported in 2012.

On August 18th, two weeks before that arrest, two illegal immigrants were apprehended, one of whom was found to be a 50-year-old sex offender also from Honduras. He was convicted in 2007 of aggravated sexual abuse in Champaign, Illinois and handed a three-year prison sentence before being released early and subsequently deported in 2008.

Two days before that on the 16th, a 53-year-old Mexican illegal was arrested. During his processing, Border Patrol agents discovered that the man was convicted of indecency with a child and deported to Mexico in 1991.

The fifth arrest was of a 49-year-old Mexican illegal who was convicted of child molestation in 2004 in California. As it turns out, the man had been deported several times, the first being in 1997.

According to Border Patrol officials, all of the men arrested are faced with being charged with illegal re-entry. Since October 1st of 2013, US Border Patrol agents at the Del Rio Sector have made 31 arrests of illegal immigrants with sex offense convictions.