US Border Patrol Agents Fired Upon By Mexican Military Helicopter

US Border Patrol agents in Arizona came under fire recently when a Mexican military helicopter breached the US-Mexico border and fired shots in the early morning hours.

According to other Border Patrol officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the two agents that were fired on were in a Border Patrol vehicle that was clearly marked when the shooting took place.

Neither of the agents was hit by any of the shots and the helicopter returned across the border after the firing stopped.

Authorities in Mexico contacted US officials later in the day to issue an apology for the incident.

Border Patrol and Union officials are disturbed by the fact that the incident occurred in the first place and are not pleased with the way in which the apology was issued. They indicated that there should have been no reason for Mexican authorities to fire any shots whatsoever at the agents since they were sitting inside a vehicle that was clearly marked as belonging to US Border Patrol.

Officials also stated that Border Patrol agents are trained to take extremely careful precautions when patrolling the border so as not to cross over onto the Mexican side. One official was quoted as saying, however, that apparently the “same care is not required of the Mexican military.”

One agent stated it is not uncommon for Mexican military aircraft to cross over the border from time to time in Texas and Arizona, but that the discharging of a weapon is highly unusual. In fact, the agent indicated that this was the first time that something like this had ever happened between Border Patrol agents and the Mexican military.

According to a spokesperson for the US Border Patrol, the incident is currently under investigation.